What To Expect

Our office is specifically designed for the whole family – we encourage you to bring your little ones along! We have a nursing room and a changing area, as well as toys to help make our office as comfortable as possible. If your little one is being seen, we recommend feeding and changing their diaper before the appointment to make it a pleasant experience for them.

We request that you complete our new patient paperwork before your first visit. It will be emailed to you through our EHR system. They will allow us to have a thorough understanding of your concerns and goals for care. Please plan to spend about an hour and half at the office for your first visit.

Our new patient appointments take place over the course of two office visits and involve a review of your health history, our gentle neurological scans, and hands-on assessment. 


This process allows Dr. Khan to take the time to interpret your scans, and create a
personalized care plan for each patient. Our thorough process is designed to help
get to the root cause of your symptoms.

First Visit

Upon arrival you will be warmly greeted by Dr. Khan She will check you in and answer any questions you may have before your consultation and exam.

Dr. Khan will go over an extensive history with you in regards to your current and past health challenges, if any. We will spend time explaining how chiropractic wellness care works, and specifically how things are done in our office. We strongly feel that the more we know about you, and the more you know about us, the more we can help reach your health goals.

Our exam process involves a set of advanced neurological scans that allows us to measure the amount of stress on your central nervous system and spine. It allows us to figure out exactly what is going on with your health, and what the true cause of your challenges are. 

You will receive your first adjustment. However, we may have to wait till the follow-up visit to adjust if further examination is necessary.

Second Visit

On second visit, Dr. Khan will go over all of the results from your examination. We refer to this as your Report of Findings.

Dr. Khan will explain the results of the scans that were performed. It is very important to us that you have a good understanding of what is going on with your spine and central nervous system, so questions and open discussion are encouraged throughout your Report.

We will go through the details of your customized care plan. Your specific care plan is designed to reach health goals in our office. After that, you will go over the financial aspects of your care and your payment options. We offer multiple payment options to make care as affordable as possible, while still delivering the highest quality of results.

This appointment will be a 30 minute appointment.

**Please note, we are a cash based office. We do not accept insurance for many reasons. We accept cash, HSA/flexible spending and credit/debit cards. Our care plans can be split into monthly payments to be more affordable for families.*

Regular Visit

Regular visits in our office are quick and convenient. These appointments are typically scheduled for 15-minute increments, because we know how busy family life can be!  We will always take our time to provide the best care possible.

Office Hours




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