Lip & Tongue Ties

Also known as “Tethered Oral Tissues”.

There is a lot of discussion on tethered oral tissue causing the feeding problems. People often forget that it can also cause dysfunction, leading to difficulty feeding.

The question is, can the pediatric chiropractor help? Absolutely! They can do much to help the baby before and after a frenectomy, if needed.

Care For Breastfeeding Moms

Dr. Khan is trained to provide care pre and post frenectomy. She does cranial sacral therapy with suck training and gentle chiropractic adjustments to help with breastfeeding.

When To Visit Us

The baby may experience:

Mom may experience: 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, feel free to contact us. 

Do you have a specific question not answered here? Give Dr. Khan a call. She would be delighted to spend some time addressing any concern you may have.

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