Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Loudoun County

Most people wonder why a child would see a chiropractic. Chiropractic is believed to be for back or neck pain. It’s important to note that even without interventions, birth can be traumatic to a child. That’s why we recommend you bring your newborn in as soon after birth for an adjustment. The chiropractic adjustment removes nerve interference so the body can perform at its highest, most optimal functional capacity.

Providing Gentle Adjustment

Before an adjustment, we use a scanning system so we can see specifically how their nervous system and body is functioning. This system does not use any radiation.

When it comes time to adjust your infant, toddler or older child, rest assured that our adjustments are much gentler than what is done to an adult. Dr. Khan uses an activator and sustained contact adjustments to provide safe, gentle and specific adjustments.

How The Young Patient Will Benefit

When you bring your child in for their first appointment,  Dr. Khan will want to know all about your pregnancy, delivery and your child’s health history. She will perform an examination that looks for signs of care your baby needs; that may include excessive crying, digestive issues, and trouble sleeping to name a few.

The examination is conducted keeping your child’s age in mind.  She makes it fun and easy to ensure your child is comfortable.

Your child’s adjustment will look different than an adult adjustment. She will look for the area of tension and stress, then gently hold a finger on that spot until it releases. Have you ever put your finger on a cold stick of butter?  Similarly, holding it until the butter would start to soften under your touch. We’ll feel your baby start to relax and smile as the tension releases from their body.

The changes we notice in our office:

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Babies struggling with latch issues may also receive a functional assessment to check for lip and tongue ties. 

Are you wondering how pediatric chiropractic could benefit your child? Contact Safe Haven today to schedule a convenient consultation or appointment with Dr. Khan! We’d love to chat!

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