Finding a Prenatal Chiropractor in Loudoun County

In just nine months, a woman carries and provides for the creation of new life. The most complex system on the planet is formed without any help from the outside world. Constantly changing from the moment of conception, a woman’s body can be supported by gentle chiropractic adjustments to better integrate the experience of this process.

Why do I need a chiropractor during pregnancy?

Having a neuro-spinal system that is clear and connected creates the optimal environment for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy. A freely open nervous system allows your body to optimize position, grow, and connect with the newest member of your family.

Visiting a prenatal chiropractor during pregnancy can help:

Whether you are experiencing discomfort, looking for ways to improve your immune system, or just want to ensure optimal labor positioning, a prenatal chiropractor may be the perfect solution.

What to look for in a prenatal chiropractor?

When building your “ideal” birth team, a prenatal chiropractor is becoming more common to add. Not all chiropractors are trained the same, so finding the “right” prenatal chiropractor for you and your family is important. There are chiropractors that specialize in and have received additional training to work with pregnant women. A good place to start your search is to visit the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and look for a “Webster Certified” chiropractor. Ideally, they are properly trained and certified by the Academy Council of Family Practice and the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics to help serve families.

It is a bonus if your chiropractor has also trained through BIRTHFIT to provide extra support through pregnancy and the motherhood transitions. Working with a BIRTHFIT Professional means that you will be in great hands and supported by someone who believes in the power of fitness, nutrition, chiropractic and mindset to prepare you for your little one.

What to ask when interviewing a Prenatal Chiropractor to be a part of your birth team!

Just like finding your OB/GYN, midwife, doula, or any other birth team provider, interviewing a prenatal chiropractor is a must! You should feel comfortable talking to your chiropractor and feel like you are in the right space once you walk in their office doors. A few common questions you may ask when finding a provider:

Observe their office space when you walk in. Is there a kids’ playroom? Are there prenatal education posters on their walls? Do you feel comfortable in their space? Your mama gut will know right away if you are in the right place!

At Safe Haven, Dr. Khan is Webster certified and certified by the ICPA, and has extensive training through BIRTHFIT. If you are in the Loudoun County area, we would love to empower you through your pregnancy!

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